The Art of good taste


Taste, that wonderful sense that allows you to perceive and distinguish flavours. But on its own, taste is limited to an experience that we should value eyes closed and away from any other kind of inputs. And I believe that in this world we are not meant to be isolated.

Our world is rich. Rich in smells, in sensations, in sounds, in temperatures … and the most wonderful things happen when you start combining everything to create experiences that surpass what you had imagined. Taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. Each sense contributes to a whole, becoming something greater than their simple sum. And this game of sums of senses is an art that we have been pursuing in 21deMarzo since our founding. The art of good taste.

When we started in 2010 it was clear that Barcelona did not need another catering. Barcelona needed a catering that could create solutions to fit new lifestyles as well as offer COMPLETE experiences around gastronomy.

We changed the idea of the traditional catering by incorporating to the team new skills, by bringing in copywriters, graphic designers, florists or production directors. This way we were able to start designing an event from its real concept, which is the thread of the whole happening.

Our celebrations are much more than just the beautiful events which still make us proud and endorse our hard work. In our celebrations, gastronomy has the leading role: careful and unhurried, well cooked and respecting the origin of the ingredients. Starting points from which I wanted to add a twist or a small surprise in terms of format, presentation or preparation mode in order to arouse the interest of those willing to discover it.

With our desire to make a difference we are at your disposal with the art, passion and vision of the 21deMarzo team.

Catering Barcelona - 21 de Marzo

Team 21

Guillem Chumilla

Jordi Miró

Tristana Tarin

Andrea Cladellas

Berta Gómez

Cristina Fernández

Ricard Solé

Sandra Cepedello

El equipo 21

We are committed to you and the environment

About six years ago we opened our own garden, which gives us good fresh vegetables. This garden is part of the project “Have your own organic garden” of the Asociacion Sol y Vida, a non-profit organization for the social and occupational integration of people suffering from mental disabilities. 
You can also sponsor a 40-50m2 garden that members of the Asociacion Sol y Vida will be responsible for planting, watering and daily care. The harvest of your garden is weekly and delivered to your home or catering. A fantastic way to always have healthy and natural vegetables in the pantry.
Catering Barcelona - 21 de Marzo