We believe in leaving a better world for our children. We believe in respecting what’s around us. We believe that eating well should also be good deed. Since we really believe in this, creating 21PlantBased has been a truly exciting experience for us.

We are the first catering capable of offering events with 100% plant based gastronomy. We remain true to the essence of 21deMarzo; seeking to create memorable events around gastronomy and considering that what you eat is as important as what you see, hear or feel. Those magical, surprising and tasty events… those exact same ones, now we suggest making them plant based.

We have never liked being conditioned by who we are, our beliefs or our life styles. For people like us we have created 21PlantBased. This is worth celebrating.

The responsible catering

But … what is Plant Based? Plant-based food is based only in ingredients and products from plant origin. This has been a growing and consolidated trend in Spain in the past years. Approximately 8% of the adult population is nowadays veggie. The state of our natural environment, health and / or animal welfare are the main issues why we are committed to more responsible food consumption.

What is 21PlantBased? It is an alternative to the usual idea of a catering, missing nothing. This is how we do our part in contributing to a better world; committing to the use of products with lower footprint and less consumption of natural resources. With the full experience and essence that characterizes 21deMarzo, but now Plant Based.

Why? We believe in leaving a better world for our children. We believe we are what we eat. We believe in respecting that and those around us. We believe that eating well should also be considered a good deed.

Who is it for? Our PlantBased line is meant for companies and agencies responsible with the planet, who want to contribute to make a better world, while still enjoying their events.


With your palate, with your body and with our surroundings.

For all

We bring the gastronomy of plant origin to all audiences, to be enjoyed by children and grandparents alike.

With all the good
stuff from 21

With the same professionalism and art to turn any event in an experience tasted with the five senses.

Eating green is not for weirdos

Exactly. Eating green is not weird, boring, or radical. Eating green is an alternative at everyone’s reach. Because plant-based food is not for niches, it is for everyone. And we will prove it. Faithful followers of grandma’s pot food; we challenge you to try us. Our pots are just as good.

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