21deMarzo Catering Barcelona

21deMarzo is not a simple catering. We have adapted to the new times, to the new family models and to the new concept of leisure and celebration in order to create unique experiences around gastronomy. For us, what you eat is as important as what you see, hear, smell and feel. We explore new gastronomic offers and decoration solutions with one single intention: holding a memorable event.

Our key to success; offering a personalized, careful and gastronomic service thought to make your event a unique day.


We like cooking, we like exploring and creating while respecting the timings, the ingredients and the natural environment. We like offering a wide range of options and adding a twist so that you can eat with all five senses!


We plan each event starting from a blank sheet, ready to build it considering all the different angles and pampering every detail. We have learned from the experience that these are what really make the difference.


We don’t want to be like all the other regular caterings. Our freshness and flexibility allow us to be a more versatile option, able to adapt to any kind of celebration.


Events, like people, have a unique DNA and the best way to find it is by approaching it and exploring it until you discover what really makes it exceptional.


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